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Tip Day Publishing Company Limited.

Two founders.
Varin, Dr. and Mrs. Max products Charintorn microscopic network signal.



Tuesday Kalayanapong Pong teachers.
(National Artist of the literary field). 
Is the name

From merging a brother and sister.
Dr. Varin most products.
"Suwan" and "Chothip."
Has a name

Tip Day.

"... Every day is a Tip ...."
(Tuesday Kalayanapong Pong).

Then she Charintorn be used as the name "Book Corner Day Tip." located in the entrance to the theater President Yan Rajthevee than 30 years ago, and Dr. Varin can be used as a pseudonym in writing and translated over 100 books in a cover up until the day Tip Sin doubt there are many people born that day Tip. Sin maximum is one.


When Mr. strategic assets has started up businesses to store a screen image has a Tip on a shop again. Using the name "Tip on screen image." as the screen shirt shop. And manufacture of premium gift that has been trusted by leading companies of the country and the world such as the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Science, Ministry of ICT, Office of Ombudsman, the National Police Office, Asset Management,. Unilever, KFC, Pizza Hut, Coke, Siam Cement of Thailand, Government Savings Bank, Thai Military Bank, Krung Thai Bank, Oishi, Tesco Lotus, Cartoon Network, Old Valley Tin,. AIS, DTAC, True, Slim Up Center, Sun S promotion, filming, tv, fans celebrities across the country and manufacturer of leading-edge products of multiple, etc..

Harvested from the experience in various fields screen. And saw the photo printer market opportunities into directly or T-shirt. T-Shirt Printer. , we have researched. Machine. Rainbow-Wan. (RB-1). or Thai nicknames that Prince router. "Victory." Under the management of the team on Tip Publishing Company Limited.

In addition to research, develop and produce quality photo printer T-Shirt Technology of Japan. To build a wealth of small businesses and small SMEs. and then the day Tip Publishing Company Ltd. is a wholesale equipment and parts on screen work. Production of premium. And a souvenir gift to the business SMEs.

*** *** Sample.
Ink's newest business.
We merged the two production systems.
The world's first.

Is a technique that we will offer our customers, the company that is customer-level VIP.

The near future.
Business network, we will grow steadily. Sustainable. to the surrounding regions.
Covering Southeast Asia.
Extend the idea to no end.


Printer image horizontal down shirt.
Semi-industrial digital

Small Japanese technology.

"... Technology, digital screen printer, DTG (Direct to Garment) ... ".

Businesses today are highly competitive one in the textile industry, including business, technology and modern machinery to process products and services to reduce costs and shorten production time on every Industry for example. Digital technology. Or a printer flat Has been developed continuously and is used widely. In the paper publishing business. Or screen printing several photos to the speed and efficiency of its printing. And shorten lead time to take advantage, competitors and meet customer satisfaction possible.


RainBow-Wan Top I.

The 9 color printing the tools on every shirt color digital

Can print the image size 420 * 900 mm. 

Shop Ink, the company has the two systems is Pigment Textile Ink and Pigment Oil Dry Ink.

So you can print on fabric tiles, glass and acrylic, etc..

Interested call for details and prices of the Company.

Interested call for details and prices at the company.

RainBow-Wan Top II.

The eight color printing the tools on every shirt color digital

Can print a 400 * 600 mm. 

Inking of the company and the system is 2 Pigment Textile Ink and Pigment Oil Dry Ink.

So you can print on fabric tiles, glass and acrylic, etc..

Interested call for details and prices of the Company.

Heat Press System Machine. The company is proud.
Offer "free." to customers who purchase machines. Rainbow Top I-Wan. and. Rainbow II Top-Wan.
To help make printing more efficient. Production quality to the market.
With training programs. And consultation throughout the various applications.

Tip Day Publishing Company Limited. Sees the future of digital technology, the printer horizontal DTG (direct to garment) in Thailand That are starting to develop and grow the system has been applied to digital screen printer in the printing of textiles, clothing. As well as print advertisements. To potential economic organization in a highly competitive process development to date. Quality and speed are key to the company sees the technology, flat screen digital printer. To meet the needs of the market.

Many business contacts to SMEs, we produce a flat or a photo printer photo printer directly into this machine shirt. We are exploring ideas for potential research, development and printing business in SMEs, with the following features.

***** ***** Advantage.
T digital printer industry.
Small Japanese technology.

*** Rainbow-Wan ***.

Does not require a mold. Do not use the blocks in the screen printing.
The speed of screen printing.
Shorten production time.
No price is too high. (For customers).
Screen printing is sharp as a beautiful bright colors printed on paper.

Specifications of the machine RainBow-Wan TS I.
Printer supplies such as flat bag all clothing fabrics.
A4 size print on a white shirt or a solid color material.
Printhead 5,760 dpi. 4 colors C, M, Y, K.

Ink. Textile Pigment Ink. with equipment that we sell. Rainbow-Wan. any special price.
Customers who used the ink bottle. Textile Pigment Ink. refilling your old company.
Our Discount 200 per 100 ml. in subsequent printer until the warranty expires.
To reduce the amount of plastic waste that will happen.
Environmentally friendly. And reduce global warming. That cause global temperature increases.

(Photo cartridge).

Ink. Nano Textile Pigment Ink. the company. sold to customers at a special price as well.
Customers who used the ink bottle. Nano Textile Pigment Ink. refilling your old company.
Our Discount 500 baht per 100 milliliter of time ahead. Printer until the warranty expires.
To reduce the amount of plastic waste that will happen.
Environmentally friendly. And reduce global warming. That cause global temperature increases.

**************************************************. ************.
Nono Pigment Textile Ink Cartridge system.
Do not need Fixing Agent Liquid or Mordant Powder.
Adhesion molecules to help color the fiber fabric in a high temperature.
Therefore, customers who use ink system. Procedures and reduce manufacturing costs.

**************************************************. ************.

Series. Starter Kit. the company. Free to customers who buy RainBow-Wan.

Fixing Agent Liquid.

Mordant Powder.

Pre-Treatment Liquid.
(Set Starter Kit for T-Shirt color printer).

Features of our ink system.

Many of our customers asked.
The ink is commercially available can be printed cloth, silk??

We can be done with that mouth.
"But the quality of the printed image after the printing process and then wash. We do not endorse. "
Publication-quality output, as you want.
As a matter of time lasting color and on fabrics.

Unlike ink cartridges that are sold in the market generally refilling.

Ink textile and garment our

Can be printed on cotton fabric nylon fabric polyester.
Printer Flatbed Printer is available online.
Textile inks are the highest quality for printing cotton fabrics.
Adhesion properties of fiber in a very good level.
Bright color Strong resistance to washing.

Health and environment friendly.


We have a color ink technology.
To support the digital printing industry.
We will come to market in the future.

"... Nano Pigment Textile Ink ...".

Latest updates. Charismatic image is protected from radiation. UV better than the original recipe, 100% small molecules at the nanoscale level. Supports resolutions up to 5,760 DPI. out.ink problems settling in still conditions. And plugging the nozzles.

Samples from the type TS-PRO II of the company.

Printer 4 color plain is CYAN (blue), YELLOW (yellow), MAGENTA (red), BLACK (black) and an additional 2 color printer 6 color system, PHOTO is LIGHT MAGENTA (red light) and LIGHT CYAN (blue). PHOTO 6 ink for color printers will print at photo quality. Beautiful than the 4 color up to 50% We also have special ink color is the color 7 LIGHT BLACK for the printer ink color printer 7 8 9 color printer color

With advanced technology company, we have 11 colors of ink.
Support for a T-shirt photo printer that we can produce to market in the future.
White ink technology, including White Ink.
We have advanced to support the T-Shirt color and print.